Universal Spring Bipod

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Universal Spring Bipod


- Spring Loaded 
- Clips Together For Storage
- Fits In Magazine Pouches
- Does NOT Require RIS To Attach
- Sturdy Enough For Skirmish Use


Do you have a sniper that does not come with any RIS sections under the barrel, or
do not particularly want to attach a permanent bipod to your rifle - in that case, the 
SMK Universal stand is ideal for you!, This bipod is essentially just a large peg in principle
meaning it will typically fit onto any standard size barrel with no problems whatsoever, 
This is IDEAL if you are using sniper such as a Dragunov, or even a M16 without the rail
section - this allows you to get the added stability of a solid shooting platform without 
having to fork out to purchase rails, the stand is also removable and is perfectly sized 
to just store in your pocket or a magazine pouch - this allows you to pull it out when needed
and put it away when it's not needed. 

This will fit most of our WELL range of snipers, but to be sure - before purchasing it take a look
at the barrel of your rifle - if it has a fluted or thicker barrel (silencer look) then this WILL NOT
fit, however - if your weapon has a standard size barrel (anything like an M16/M4, AK, etc) then
this stand WILL fit. 

This is a simple and easy way to improve your sniping experience without forking out the "big bucks"
for something like a full rail system. 

  • £ 10.99

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